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Everything you need to know about Traffic Tickets

Should I just pay the ticket?” is a question that our professionals are often asked and to be honest that would depend on the type of ticket received.  For example Parking Violations carry no demerit points. So paying Parking Tickets will not impact your clean driving record or increase your insurance.

However, paying the fine on Traffic Tickets issued under the Highway Traffic Act can seriously affect your right to drive in the province of Ontario, your Insurance Rates and your ability to seek gainful employment in fields that require a clean driving abstract.
Before your make that important decision, consider the penalty involved with the offence you have been charged with and the following:

How Demerit Points Effect Your Ontario License

Class:  G1 and G2

2 Point       Ministry of Transportation (MTO) sends a warning letter.

6 Points     An interview with the MTO is scheduled to determine why your license should not be suspended.

9 Points    Your license can be suspended for 90 days

Class: G
6 Points    Warning letter from the Ministry of Transportation
9 Points   Interview with the MTO is scheduled to determine 
                 why your license should  not be suspended
15 Points Licence Suspension for 30 days. Failure to surrender  
                 license can  lead to an additional 2 year suspension